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    We pride ourselves in top quality restorations of all makes and models.


The Shop

The shop was built in 2004, and it was designed specifically for restoring tractors. It is large enough for multiple restoration projects to be in progress at the same time, and it includes a built-in paint booth.

The Paint Booth

The paint booth is a 30′ by 30′ area with 150′ of cable available for hanging parts. It has in-floor heating which helps control dust, and it has plenty of lighting to guarantee proper visibility while painting.

The Restoration Process

1. Check and examine tractor
2. Take off sheet metal and disassemble other parts
3. Tear down tractor
4. Gears and bearings will be taken out, inspected, cleaned, and replaced as needed
5. Wash and degrease tractor – most parts disassembled at this time
6. Prepare tractor for sandblasting
7. Sandblast tractor parts
8. Hang all parts individually
9. Prime all parts as soon as possible
10. Begin painting process with first coat. Each piece is sanded following each coat of paint
11. Most tractor parts can get 6-8 coats of paint
12. Tractor is reassembled
13. Get manifold exhaust pipe and muffler ceramic coated (optional)
14. Restoration of the wheels will follow the same process as the tractor
15. Sheet metal will be mounted to tractor
16. Get the tractor running
17. Restoration is complete

  • There will be pictures taken during the restoration process.
  • Customers are welcome to come and see the tractor during restoration progress.
  • This is the typical restoration process used when restoring tractors. We are flexible and open to the type of primer used, the type of paint used, and the number of coats that are preferred by the customer.